Are you struggling to find a great creative mind to ramp up your business? Trust Unique Designz to create your logo, promotional flyers, business cards, direct mailers or product packaging. Elevate your business with a custom design package.


    Are you struggling to find a great creative mind to ramp up your business? If so, let us be your “go to” graphic designer.

    Unique Designz is a New Jersey-based graphic design and print company specializing in print and advertising design, custom business card design, logos and branding, and collateral and brochure design.

    Trust Unique Designz to create your custom logo, marketing brochures, business cardstrade show displaysdirect mail campaigns (EDDM), product packaging or website.  We offer high-quality, competitively priced graphic design, print, and marketing services to clients within a wide range of industries.

    Our New Jersey-based graphic design professionals will build the brand, design the logo and create the marketing campaign to take your business to the next level.  We have been servicing New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Florida (FL), Connecticut, and Pennsylvania for nearly a decade, but are well-equipped to work with businesses of any size and in any location through our online store.

    Unique Designz creates custom graphic design projects for small business owners, hair, nail, and tanning salons, corporate entities, artists, realtors, doctors, restaurant owners, entrepreneurs and musicians to name a few, and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for each and every client that we serve.  Our goal is to create innovative graphic design and print collateral that compliments your business and intrigues new customers to hear what your products and services can do for them.

    Visit our graphic design portfolio.

    What our clients are saying: 

    “Unique Designz helped take the image of our company to the next level. They consulted with us on the steps to take to create the perfect logo, social media, and informational handouts for our client’s experience. We could not be more pleased with what Unique Designz has created for the Personal Touch Experience. Unique Designz is the only company we will ever use to help build our company’s image.” - John & Ashley Policastro – Owners of The Personal Touch Experience, Special Events & Catering

    “If you choose to work with Unique Designz, you will soon see the vision you always dreamed your company to have put into reality by top expert designers.  We owe so much of our business to the genius branding created by Unique Designz. You will never find anything that can compare to this type of professionalism & talent”  -  Jamie Lynn Dunn – Owner / Founder – Moxie Salon Franchise

    Need more convincing?  Request a sample pack and let our quality speak for itself.



  • Printing

    With print facilities in 8 locations throughout the United States and Ontario, Unique Designz has you covered. We are a full-service graphic design and print firm specializing in custom business cards, direct mail (EDDM), promotional flyers and more.

  • Printing

    Our New Jersey-based graphic design professionals will build the brand, design the logo and create the marketing campaign to take your business to the next level.

    We are a New Jersey-based graphic design and print firm that specializes in business cards, direct mail (EDDM), sell sheets, and much more.  We have been servicing New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Florida (FL), Connecticut, and Pennsylvania for nearly a decade, but are well-equipped to work with businesses of any size and in any location through our online store.  Find out why more and more businesses in Northern New Jersey and the New York metro area are choosing Unique Designz for all of their graphic design, print, and marketing needs.

    We strive to offer you a high-quality, custom print product with a quick turnaround, and with print facilities in 8 locations  throughout the United States and Ontario, rest assured that your custom print order will arrive on your doorstep within 2-3 business days.

    Specializing in:

    Click here for $55 off select printing products!

    Trying to think outside the box?  Consider plastic cardsstickers,or door hangers for your next marketing campaign. Visit our online store and start printing with us today.

  • Marketing

    Did you know that Unique Designz was hired by the Bon Jovi Fan Club to design and print more than 500,000 flyers for the Backstage with John Bon Jovi world tour, and also designed the Backstage with John Bon Jovi album cover? Now, that's impressive marketing.

  • Marketing

    Unique Designz offers high-quality, competitively priced graphic design, print, and marketing services to clients within a wide range of industries.

    Whether you are interested in custom logo creation, marketing brochures, business cards, trade show displays, direct mail campaigns (EDDM), product packaging or point-of-purchase designs, our team of top notch graphic designers will build the brand, design the logo and create the marketing campaign that elevates your business.

    We work with small business owners, entrepreneurs, restaurant owners, food manufacturers, bar owners, hair salons, tanning salons, spas, physicians, professional services firms, nightlife and event promoters, artists, and musicians.  In fact, our most notable graphic design and print project was for the Backstage with John Bon Jovi world tour.  Unique Designz was hired to design and print 500,000 promotional flyers as well as the Backstage with John Bon Jovi album cover.  Now that’s impressive marketing.


  • Branding

    We help everyone from small business owners to entrepreneurs ensure success with branding that speaks volumes. Unique Designz is a full-service graphic design and print firm that specializes in creating the perfect brand identity for your business, project or pres

  • Branding

    Branding is not just about a logo, it is about a look and feel that represents your product or service in a way that will influence your prospects to see you as the only solution to their marketing challenges.

    Unique Designz is a New Jersey-based graphic design and print firm that specializes in creating a iconic  brand and marketing strategy for your business, project or presentation.  We help everyone from small business owners to entrepreneurs ensure success with branding that speaks volumes. We are able to meet the needs of any industry including restaurants, nightlife and entertainment, food manufacturers, health, wellness, and beauty, real estate, travel, art, music, medical and professional services, to name a few.

    Our top-notch graphic designers can create compelling brand recognition through presentation folders, brochures and much more. Click to learn about our professional design services, including custom logo design.

    Our brand design includes: Visual Strategy, Corporate Identity, Icons and Infographics, Advertising / Collateral, Packaging / Promotions, Content Strategy and Development.

    Click to embark your next graphic design project.

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