• Branding

    Want to know the difference between Donald Trump and your local real estate agent? (Besides the billion dollar fortune) Donald has a brand. Your local realtor doesn't. Love him or hate him, he is a master of The Brand. It's is why he can make deals other...

  • Branding


    Want to know the difference between Donald Trump and your local real estate agent?  (Besides the billion dollar fortune)

    Donald has a brand. Your local realtor doesn’t.  Love him or hate him, he is a master of The Brand.

    It’s why he can make deals other investors can’t. It’s why he commands some of the highest fees in the history of real estate. It’s why he has a TV show and your local realtor doesn’t.

    Turn yourself into an “overnight” authority commanding higher fees, working with better clients, and putting more of that all important “business leverage” in your hands…

    Get access to the “inner circles” of elite groups and associations that tend to be “hard to crack” and exclusive..

    Transition yourself into “passive income opportunities” as you leverage the tangible Brand to build out automated marketing and service delivery systems…

    And much, much more…

     If you want make the transition from…

    “Who are you again?”


    Can you please make room in your busy schedule for me?”

    Then you need a brand.  And we can help.  All you have to do is ask.

    Hire us to help with: 

    • Visual Strategy
    • Corporate Identity
    • Icons and Infographics
    • Advertising / Collateral
    • Marketing / Sales Funnels


  • Marketing

    When the Official Bon Jovi Fan Club needed 500,000 hand crafted promo flyers to promote the club during Bon Jovi's World Tour...

  • Marketing


    When the Official Bon Jovi Fan Club needed 500,000 hand crafted flyers to promote the club during Bon Jovi’s World Tour…

    They chose Unique Designz because super-rockstars like Bon Jovi don’t leave their marketing to chance.  They wanted results, and that’s exactly what they got.

     If you want to:

    •  Increase business without “selling out“…


    • Translate your “vision” to hundreds of thousands (potentially even millions) of people around the world…


    • Pre-sell prospects by increasing your “perceived value” before they even come to your place of business…



    Then contact Unique Designz today, because stuff like that… it’s just another day at the office for seasoned professionals like us.



  • Graphic Design

    Here's something you should never do: Mess with your own graphic design.

  • Graphic Design


    Here’s something you should never do:

    Mess with your own graphic design.

    Especially not in the 21st century.

    The old days of self-designed business cards, HTML websites, and logos designed in MS Paint are long gone.

    If you want to compete in the marketplace now, with the ever decreasing attention span, you need to POP! SIZZLE! and WOW! your audience until you grasp their attention permanently.

    The good news is that we can help you make that happen.  And it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg.

    Our goal is to help you achieve a positive ROI on every single transaction we make with clients.  That means, when we recommend a service to you, we’re simply recommending a better way for you to make more money.



  • Printing

    Even in this digital age, direct mailers, postcards, sell sheets, business cards and brochures, are very much alive and well.

  • Printing


    Even in this digital age, the world of business still turns thanks to paper.  Direct mail pieces, postcards, sell sheets, business cards, brochures, folders etc.  It’s all still very much alive and well, and it’s all still very much a big money maker for many companies.  Perhaps you’re one of them…

    Maybe, you have a sweet little piece of sales copy that you need printed on high quality paper that’s fairly priced… so you can maximize your profits.

    Maybe you’ve already designed a flyer yourself (or had one from years ago that worked) and you need a big rush job done… so you can meet your tough deadlines.

    Or maybe you’ve just put the finishing touches on an entire marketing campaign with us and you’re so excited to start seeing results that you want everything printed NOW and sent on its way… so you can start landing sales.

    Either way, we’ve got you covered.

    With 8 printing facilities across the country, and extensive knowledge serving companies like yours from local businesses to internationally famous rock stars… when you choose Unique Designz to print your sales and marketing collateral… you choose quality, experience, and professionalism.


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